scary monsters cave

Not many who know Pesanggrahan Demon Cave. Understandably, rest house built by Hamengkubuwono II, this is not as famous as the Taman Sari Water Castle. But, behind the unpopularity, this rest house was once an important function for the sultan's palace, as a hermitage. Together Pesanggrahan Warungboto, this place is called in one of tembang macapat told of the progress achieved during the reign Hamengkubuwono II in Yogyakarta.

Pesanggrahan Cave is located in the region Siluman Wonocatur, Sleman, precisely in the road connecting the Eastern Ring Road areas Berbah Yogyakarta, Bantul. You want to get past visiting Janti Road until the intersection Block O, then turn right. When you see a signboard at the Berbah, you turn to the left. Guesthouse is located right in the pinggi road, marked the high wall thickness of 75 cm which color had begun to blacken.

The area includes the rest house right and left of the road. Perhaps a little surprising, but it's true. Is there any part of the building was interrupted by the existence of the road? Apparently not. YogYES sure to see the buildings on the left of the road is the gateway into this rest house. The door was continuous with the hall to the building area is on the right road. That is, the corridor that connects the complex to the right and left of the road at just below the royal road to Berbah it.

On the building's gate, we encountered a bird Give relief at the top. Unique shape can still be seen clearly even though some parts are damaged due to age. While at the bottom of the door, there are some stairs that connect the outside of the tunnel. When you go deeper into, there is again a door curved top, may serve as a marker had entered the hall.

YogYES really want to explore the hallway, but we prefer urungkan and cross the street. Next, we descended the building is on the right path and menemunkan a square-shaped door. The door was a carbon copy of the hallway that connects the right and left of the road. Unlike the north door is decorated with reliefs Give birds, south door is simple, without decoration whatever.

Through the south door was, YogYES get a peek at the rest house to another. There is a building that extends to the east, directly continuous with the hall. The building is divided into several rooms, each of which is also connected to a door. Not far from the door to the room that connects the east, there is a screen decorated with beautiful ornaments similar to batik motifs. Meanwhile, in the easternmost room itself is a rectangular pond which is still filled with water.

Like many early pesanggrahan Sultan's Palace, Cave of the Demon also has a garden and pool area. Currently, the area planted garden variety of ornamental plants, so this area looks green. Ornamental plants that grow on the edge of two rectangular ponds which also are part of the building pesanggrahan. The edge of the pool and grounds were actually made of plaster is quite good, but unfortunately can not be seen because the water was so clear.

Around to the southwest, there is one pool of water circle. The pool was decorated with statues of birds Give with a prominent beak. The shape is very unique, especially because they serve as beak shower. Similar pool was also found in the southeast, but arcanya already suffered damage and began to pent-ground pool.

Until now, various activities in addition to the Kingdom meditation done in the Demon Caves Pesanggrahan can not answered, including those who had meditated in this place. Another thing that is still a mystery is the name of the building itself. Tembang macapat This new building includes a building is said Seluman Cave, but there are signs that the complex of buildings is now the name of the building Demon Cave. Is Seluman and means the same demon?

In the past, many people consider this building being haunted that no one can enter it at random. But now the assumption that there was no reason some people even use the area for a rest house chatting. So, you can visit one of these historic sites without fear.


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