Kaliurang hill located plewang leg south from merapi.sekitar 28km north of Jogja. This area is a place refresing for those who want to enjoy the fresh air and green trees. As a mountain tourist attractions, accommodation offers Kaliurang, villas, bungalows, accommodation as well as recreational facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and playground are visited a lot of people.

Kaliurang especially on holidays such as the Boy Scouts are young people usually camped there. For those who like rock climbing can climb through Kaliurang trim. They can spend the night in Kaliurang during launch, kemudianwaktu dawn climb through the village tidy Kinahrejo and until about evening / late afternoon. When the good weather, a wonderful vision would panorama of the forest-covered plewangan and Kaliurang, and the green side of the village can be seen even blue ocean we can see Indonesia. The most appropriate time to see the panorama is in the morning when the sun rises


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