Three Sculptures In Mendut

Mendut located 3 km to the east of the Borobudur, a Buddhist temple built in 824 AD by King Indera of Sailendra dynasty. In the Mendut there are 3 (three) large statue.

1. Cakyamuni who was sitting cross-legged with your hands turning the wheel of dharma.
2. Bodhi Satwa Awalokiteswara as helping mankind
A statue of Amitabha Awalokiteswara above the crown, Vajrapani. He was holding a red lotus flowers placed in their hands.
3. Maitreya as the savior of mankind in the future

There is a story for children on the walls. This temple is often used to celebrate the Vesak ceremony each May at the full moon night and visited by pilgrims from Indonesia and overseas.

This temple is older than Borobudur temple. Its architecture and has a rectangular entrance on the ladder. The roof is also square and terraced, a stupa on top.


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